SAP Cloud and Data Platforms

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Finally, a Big Data cloud built for the rigorous demands of the enterprise.SAP Cloud Platform and Big Data Services are a performance-driven, robust Big Data solution that specially includes Hadoop and Spark operations services. Leveraging years of Big Data experience, we’ve re-imagined how Big Data should be done. The SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services solution is purpose-built for performance, reliability, and security. It easily scales to meet your largest jobs. Whether you’re new to Big Data or just want a streamlined, best-of-breed approach that frees up more time and resources, this is your answer.

21  %
21% decrease in procurement costs with SAP Cloud and Data Platforms.
19  %
19% decrease in manufacturing errors with SAP Cloud and Data Platforms.
25  %
25% improvement in order fulfilment with SAP Cloud and Data Platforms.

CLASSIFICATION OF SAP Cloud and Data Platforms

Classification is very essential for the study of SAP Cloud and Data Platforms

SAP Cloud Platform

  • Develop Apps More Easy
  • Improved Customer Digital Experience
  • Business Transformation
  • Connect Powerful APIs
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Enable AI, Machine Learning and IOT in your organization

SAP HANA and Databases

  • Database Services
  • Administration
  • Machine Learning and Analytics
  • App Development
  • Security
  • Data Access

Application Integration and Infrastructure (AI&I)

  • Platform Integrations
  • Analytics and process integration
  • Application landscape management
  • Interface Implementation and Management

Enterprise Information Management

  • Information Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality and Integration
  • Content Management
  • Metadata Management and Enterprise Architecture

Data Warehousing

  • Data warehousing application integration
  • Native SQL Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Mart, Data Lake, Data Warehouse
  • Multi-temperature Storage Options

Big Data

  • Integrate spark and Hadoop SAP cloud
  • Data driven actionable insights
  • In-Memory SQL on Hadoop
  • In-Memory Data Management


Turn your SAP Cloud and Data Platforms sets into an asset

Develop a data strategy
Figure out exactly what you want to know before you do deep dives into the data.
Know how to use
You have to know how to view , slice and use that info to develop features that matter to your customers
Test your ideas
You need ideas and tests that will use that information to experience for your visitors
Eye on technology
So it’s important to stay on the lookout for developing technology. As you get more, you’ll be able to pose.