Extensive Aspirant Sourcing Guaranteed– VIA. Job Boards

Strategically improving companies by sourcing the right resource in the right place who is constantly striving to drive innovation into your business


Simplify the connection between the job seeker and the employer.

RDDS have the best ideas & strategies to help the contractors optimize their time, wealth and their work life.

We empower individuals & groups to optimize the many chances of contracting – this is our single-lined focus. This is what drives us to innovate, grow and seek to reach more.

For employers & agencies, by minimizing cost, risk & admin, RDDS facilitates an optimal environment, based on live business intelligence, to help grow their bottom line.

Our knowledge is what we’ve optimized & how we continue to grow, every day.
Our RDDS Global team is a unique blend of the best contracting and outsourcing specialists who are always Empowered, Driven, Fun loving and have our clients & contractors at the heart of everything they do.

To overcome all these obstacles, RDDS follows a strategic approach

How we tap into Talent hiring?

  • Create your own talent network
    Don't discount industry referrals. Consider which peers in your industry may be able to recommend quality candidates who applied for positions they ended up filling at their companies.
  • Consider social media recruiting
    According to Pew Research Center's 2016 social media study, 68 percent of all US adults use Facebook. Narrow the age range to between 18 and 29, and that number rises to 88 percent.
  • User-friendly Job Application
    It is very important to make it easy for them to apply. While some argue that a tedious application process will weed out low quality candidates, what they don’t realize is that often the best candidates are lost in this process.
  • Optimize campaign spend closely
    It is very important to analyze campaign spend and measure the Ad Units or Campaigns daily, to ensure the client is not putting his money to waste on Campaigns which have no or relatively less output.
  • Focus on reaching passive candidates
    Recruiting a passive candidate to results in much more productive and commitment, most of the talent pools are filled with loads of applications, but we tend to hire passive recruits, who are much dedicated and drive innovation.
  • Look into solution providers
    We identify solution providers and definers through a stipulated process, which help us identify and fill the right person to fill the gap, who can handle his job role perfectly.

Have trouble hiring the right candidate?

Our agents stipulate an extensive mechanism in sourcing the right candidate and get the rest assured, we handle all inquiries within 24 hours!